Drive Responsibly With a Quality Education

Drive Responsibly With a Quality Education

Schedule driving lessons in the Bismarck & Mandan, ND area

Learn how to drive at 1st Geer Driving School. When you schedule driving lessons with our instructors, you can expect one-on-one lessons that are personalized for you. You'll learn the basics of driving while gaining firsthand experience on the road.

1st Geer Driving School is one of the most sought-afterdriving schools in the Bismarck & Mandan, ND area, and space is limited. Don't hesitate to call now to schedule driving lessons.

Learn more about our driving lessons

You don't have to spend hours trying to find a driving school in Bismarck, ND that offers one-on-one driving lessons. Look no further than our academy. We offer:

  • Adult lessons: $100 per hour for two-hour increments.
  • Road test waiver: $125 for online or classroom courses.
  • Under 18 driving lessons: $420 for three lessons with a certification after completion.
You'll feel confident enrolling your child in our Under-18 Driving Lessons because we'll make sure they have all the information needed to pass their driver's exam and obtain their license.

Find a driving school near you today. Speak with one of our administrators to learn more about our enrollment process.