Adult Driving Lessons in Bismarck, ND

We Train Safe Drivers

It’s never too late to become a great driver! If you’re an adult living in the Bismarck-Mandan area, then 1st Geer Driving School’s expert instructors and five cars are available to give you the confidence you need to earn your driver’s license.

Adult Lessons

It’s never too late to become a competent driver. We train first-time drivers of all ages.

Become an experienced driver with our help

Learning how to drive later in life can be intimidating. We’re here to take all the stress out of mastering the road, and will accommodate you no matter where you are on your driving journey. Even if you have never taken the wheel before, our experienced instructors will help you stay cool and collected while you’re mastering basic and advanced skills alike.

It’s not just about giving you confidence. Your well-being is our priority, which is why we will give you the knowledge and experience you need to safely navigate North Dakota’s roadways. And once you have completed your training, you may take your driver’s license test with us or with the state of North Dakota. It’s just that easy!

What Will You Learn at 1st Geer Driving School?

Parallel parking. Changing lanes safely. Navigating roundabouts, one-way streets, and busy intersections. If there is a skill a driver needs in order to get where they are going – safely, surely, and without jeopardizing others – then you will learn it from 1st Geer Driving School!

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